July 6th, 2015

A successful result for CJCT’s RIBA Open Studio Event last week!

In line with the 2015 London Festival of Architecture’s theme, “Work in Progress”, careyjones chapmantolcher opened their doors to the public and invited students from the New Vic, Leyton and Woodhouse Colleges, to take part in a mini in-house design competition entitled “Make your Place – Shape your Future”.

Aiming to actively involve young people interested in developing a career in Architecture, with an established London-based architectural practice, the event started with an introduction of three of CJCT’s key projects.

Three of the firm’s most senior members presented their projects: Vauxhall Sky Gardens, Kingston Gas Works and Hedsor House, all currently under construction.

An interested audience, composed of students, teachers and external visitors as well as the whole practice’s staff, actively listened to the projects’ descriptions, addressing questions at the end of each presentation.

Mr Kenneth Bowazi, Construction and Built Environment Teacher at New Vic College, reported: “Our students were very excited about CJCT’s projects and enjoyed observing the evolution of the design process. Particularly, we were fascinated by the Sky Gardens and how nature has been incorporated in the design”.

Soon after, the schools were involved in the competition exercise. The students were subdivided into three teams, each led by one of CJCT’s Architectural Assistants and directly supervised by a Senior Architect acting as a Judge. The teams were asked to analyse an existing site in a high-density area adjacent to Covent Garden and to make a re-development design proposal.

Working within the very limited time allowed for the execution, not only did the 16-17year-old students deliver a piece of work to a very high standard, exceeding any expectation, but they also demonstrated a great degree of passion, commitment and the ability to present their proposals with great confidence to a large audience of experienced architects.
Overall, CJCT are proud to have organised an extremely productive event and to have offered the students an insight to the challenges that Architects face on a daily basis.

Yaseen Yousuf, one of the student from New Vic College, the winning team, said:
‘’I really enjoyed my time at CJCT’s Open Studio Event. It really enhanced my skills on how to analyse my surroundings in order to come up with a suitable architectural design. Winning the competition and designing the new site was also a very useful experience.’’

Hina Khan, a student from Woodhouse College, was also enthusiastic about the event and reported:
“I really enjoyed the day – I learnt a lot through first-hand experienced architects and I gained wider knowledge of what the Architectural profession entails, which will be useful when deciding which course to do at university. The mini competition helped me understand how you must work under pressure in a short amount of time and made me realise that I actually perform well under these conditions - working to tight deadlines will be something I'll have to do in any career I choose”.

CJCT hope to have provided the students with a deeper understanding of the extraordinary benefits that society can gain from the architectural design process and to have encouraged them to pursuit a career in Architecture and become, one day, future place-makers of the Built Environment.
Mr Kenneth Bowazi, Construction and Built Environment Teacher of the winning school New Vic College, concluded:
“Thanks for hosting us in the Open Studio session. We enjoyed every moment. We also would like to express our interest in following the development of the projects presented, particularly the Sky Gardens, and would love to attend a site visit in future if possible”.

It is great to hear that we were of some inspiration and we wish the students best of luck for their future career!