July 25th, 2016

Tide Construction Limited have commenced construction on Shilling’s Yard, a student accommodation scheme based in the historic city of Canterbury, Kent. The scheme is designed using modular construction providing 388 student bed spaces, these will be a combination of cluster bedrooms, studios and sharer apartments.

The accommodation is allocated across 5 buildings which are between 4 – 5 storeys, surrounding a central courtyard. The expansive landscaped garden area which will be utilised as a shared amenity space by the collection of buildings will be the communal central core for the entire complex, linking all buildings and facilities in order to create a dynamic, versatile space.

Shilling’s Yard has optimising the efficiency of each building, whilst introducing amenity and recreational space and addressing the functionality of the site as well as developing the fenestration and materiality of the buildings to further enhance the design. The architectural response integrates within the local and historic setting of the city whilst incorporating a simplistic contemporary fenestration.