A dynamic project Architect who has taken the lead to deliver a multitude of projects across a variety of sectors. His experience as an external consultant to a private developer and studio leader makes Richard a natural and effective Studio Director at CJCT.
Richard undertook his architectural studies at Newcastle University before joining Faulkner Browns as an architect in 2003.  Completion of complex projects saw Richard promoted to Project Director in 2006 and subsequently Studio Leader in 2010, leading a team of 15 delivering the Wakefield Waterfront Masterplan, and Aberdeen Sports Village.
2012 saw Richard working for TPG Development Group as Consulting Design Director heading up the delivery of residential, and mixed use sites. This involved bringing together a design team to deliver a variety of residential types from inception to completion. Initially looking at viability appraisals, residual land values for sites and aiding in negotiations and purchasing of land. Following the successful completion of acquisitions, progressing further feasibility studies and rigorous testing of the options available to provide the best end product/value and least risk to the company.
Joining CJCT in February 2016 as Studio Director, Richard is currently overseeing the Thorpe Park Masterplan delivery, which includes commercial office buildings, residential, retail and community leisure facilities.