Data Protection Policy

The Company has a statutory duty to ensure that all personal information relating to individuals is kept confidential under the Data Protection Act 2018 and the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

The Company may require an individual, the ‘data subject’, to provide certain personal information in order that the Company may properly carry out its duties, rights and obligations as a data processor. This policy should be read in conjunction with any Agreement with the Company and any other notice the Company issue to the individual from time to time in relation to the individual’s data. Personal data does not include any data which is anonymised.

The Company will process and control data principally for personal and/or administrative purposes. For the purpose of this policy, processing means any operation which is performed on personal data.

The Company will process the individual’s personal data (including special categories of personal data) in accordance with our obligations under the Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR. The Company will use personal data for:

  • The performance of an Agreement with the individual
  • The compliance with any legal obligation, or
  • If it is necessary for the Company’s legitimate interests (or for the legitimate interests of someone else). The Company can only do this if the individual’s interests do not override ours (or theirs). The individual has the right to challenge the Company’s legitimate interests and request that the Company stop this processing.

The Company can process the individual’s personal data for these purposes without the individual’s knowledge or consent. The Company will not use the individual’s personal data for an unrelated purpose without telling you about it and the legal basis that the Company intend to rely on for processing it.

Sometimes the Company might share the individual’s personal data with group companies or our contractors and agents to carry out our obligations under our Agreement with you or for our legitimate interests. In such circumstances, the Company require those companies to keep the individual’s personal data confidential and secure and protect it in accordance with the law and/or our policies.

Personal information will be kept on file during an individual’s engagement with the Company and for a period of up to six years following the end of the individual’s engagement with the Company.

Everyone who works on behalf of or in connection with the Company has some responsibility for ensuring data is collected, stored and handled appropriately in line with all relevant Company policies and legislation. This includes ensuring that all information containing personal data is locked away or password encrypted. The Company’s allocated Data Protection Officer is responsible for reviewing and updating this policy. Should any individual be made aware of a potential breach of this policy, then this should be reported immediately to the Company’s Data Protection Officer.

 The individual is entitled to request a description of the personal data held by the Company, the purposes for which the data is being processed and the persons to whom the data may be disclosed (e.g. HMRC). The request should be made in writing to the Data Protection Officer. If the request is considered to be unfounded or excessive, the Company may charge a reasonable administrative fee or refuse to respond to the request.

Individuals have the right to request for the Company to erase any personal data where the Company is not entitled under the law to process it or it is no longer necessary to process it for the purpose it was collected. Individuals also have the right to object to data processing where the Company is relying on a legitimate interest to do so and the individual is of the opinion that their rights and interests outweigh the Company’s. The individual must contact the Data Protection Officer to do this.

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