Carey Jones Chapman Tolcher (CJCT) is one of the UK’s leading Architecture & Interior Design firms: a young and vibrant practice with a 25-year heritage and a reputation for delivering quality, sustainable and award winning designs across all building sectors. From Studios in London and Leeds experienced teams have developed long term successful partnerships with public and private clients, delivering creative solutions to challenging briefs. Winner of multiple Awards for their innovative work in both architecture and interior design, the Studios have unparalleled experience across a wide range of projects.

Design - Understanding You

Great design pays – breathing life into existing buildings, engendering corporate pride in the workplace, drawing visitors to leisure and hospitality developments and attracting tenants and occupiers to mixed use developments. Exceptional design also increases the bottom line value of the completed development.

Before we embark upon designing for a client we immerse ourselves in the culture and aspirations of the client company, we talk to executives and staff alike and learn how the business sees itself, and how it wishes to be seen.

 To help us translate this knowledge into exciting architecture and interiors that work at every level, our cross sector teams provide an innovative approach to design, challenging accepted norms and pushing the boundaries of design, giving rise to architecture and interiors of stunning originality.

Sustainability – Focussing on the Environment

Sustainability has always been at the top of our agenda. We were the very first architectural practice in the UK to gain joint accreditation under ISO:14001 and ISO:9001 and delivered our first BREEAM Excellent office building as early as 1995.

Committed to create buildings and interior environments that embody the highest possible standard of sustainable design, we have developed a Sustainability Design Kit: a bespoke tool which allow us to embed sustainability from the outset.

 Whenever we face the challenge of a new built, this three-layer methodology becomes the substrate of our design approach: starting at briefing level by looking into preliminary  passive measures, from daylighting and building geometry to ventilation and exposed mass, the strategy develops through the analysis of the building’s envelop, that needs to work as efficiently as possible, and ends with a final review of the building’s energy profile, by investigating the potential use of renewable sources to further minimise energy loss.

Responsibility – A Social Commitment

We are delighted to be an active supporter of our communities and are very proud of the role CJCT has played over the past 25 years. Our approach is to act locally to our studios and Project locations to directly benefit the communities we serve, adjusting engagement programmes to ensure they have a maximum impact to best meet their needs.

Whilst one element of community support is fundraising for local causes, we also dedicate our time and professional expertise and believe we have a responsibility to do so.