140 Wales Farm Road


Imperial College, London


Architectural Design, Planning and Delivery


Undisclosed Costs


Architectural Design, Planning and Delivery

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Project Description

The development of 140 Wales Farm Road project marks a significant milestone in Imperial College London investment into North Acton. The project will be the catalyst for further development of a new campus district, central to The College’s development vision. The proposed redevelopment would sit at a key entrance point to the Park Royal Opportunity Area, within an area identified as the ‘Southern Gateway’ in the Park Royal OAPF. The area immediately surrounding the Site has recently been redeveloped to provide a variety of new mixed-use developments, many of which include tall buildings. In order to help tell the story of the building, we decided to build a Paper-Craft model of the scheme. The scale model was made entirely by hand by our in-house Model Maker, and includes every single miniature tree, door and balcony, to represent our design as accurately as possible. The model was not only a presentation tool, but it aided the proposal during planning, design and operational stages. The proposal includes the demolition of the existing buildings and the construction of five buildings arranged over 5 to 31-storeys, the development uses include; – The student accommodation comprises 603 rooms and 736 beds. These are arranged in Cluster Units, Twin Units, Studios, Warden Units and Sub Warden Units. The student accommodation raises to 31 stories creating an iconic identity for the student accommodation.